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Call for papers - ICT for Sustainability

Publicerad 2017-08-25

Contribute to a Special issue on ICT for sustainability in the well-ranked journal Sustainability.

Welcome to submit contributions to a Special issue on ICT for sustainability in the well-ranked journal Sustainability. We invite papers from a broad range of topics connected to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Sustainability. More information can be found here www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/ICT .

The Special issue is coordinated but not formally connected with the fifth ICT4S-conference to be held in Toronto in May 2018, 2018.ict4s.org . Thus - papers accepted for publication in the journal by November 15, 2017 can be submitted for presentation at the "Journal first-track" of the Toronto-conference. Sustainability has a good track record on quick reviews, so there is good chance of getting a good paper accepted in time, if you hurry up in finalising the paper.

If you need more time, the Special issue is open for submission until March 15, 2018. Thus it is possible to submit a conference paper to the ICT4S-conference (deadline Nov 15, 2017) and then develop that paper with 30-50% new content and submit your full journal paper to the Special issue. There are no restrictions on the length of manuscripts in the Special issue, provided that the text is concise and comprehensive.

Accepted papers will be published continuously in the journal (as soon as accepted).

Sustainability is an Open access journal, with an Article Processing Charge of CHF1400, payable if the article is accepted.

With best regards,

Guest editors

Mattias Höjer

Elina Eriksson

Chris Preist

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