CESC - Centre for Sustainable Communications

The Centre for Sustainable Communications is an interdisciplinary research environment, situated at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It provides a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry, the public sector and research. Together with its partners, CESC conducts innovative research on ICT for sustainability aiming to contribute to a change of society in a sustainable direction.

Digital disruption - a good new thing for your old neighbourhood

The emergence of the digital economy and the need to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions are changing the way we live and work, faster than ever before. These megatrends have given rise to numerous smart city initiatives that aim to lead cities into carbon neutral future with smart use of digital technology.

Hacking for Green and smart cities

The 14:th green hackathon is finalized! For 24 hour 100 participants from 25 different nations cooperated and created hacks to find solutions for sustainable cities. “Smart Cities Green Hackathon” 12-13 February had four challenges presented by organizations and a municipality

: Stockholm Digital Care, Sweco City Sensors, Skjutsgruppen and Nacka kommun.

Mattias Höjer on Aftonbladet debatt

Read CESCs Mattias Höjer and Åsa Mobergs reply to the the four Swedish ministers article " Så ska vårt land bli bäst i världen på it". 

read their reply here  Digitalisera gärna – men glöm inte miljömålen


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CESC hosts Green Leap, a network for design and sustainable development.

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