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The Centre for Sustainable Communications is an interdisciplinary research environment, situated at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It provides a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry, the public sector and research. Together with its partners, CESC conducts innovative research on ICT for sustainability aiming to contribute to a change of society in a sustainable direction.

Is traffic without jams possible in a big city?

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Is traffic without jams possible in a big city – and how? Can we use digital tools for this and what benefits could this have for the environment? These has been the main topics for the CESC researcher Anders Gullberg during the last years.

After work at CESC: Green Hackathon for Sustainable Cities.

The interest in our green hackathon for smart cities is big! We are approching the maximum number of participants and are looking forward to the event taking place at Sweco on the 12th to 13th of February.  

Before that you are all welcome to an after work with vegetarian pizza and some beer at CESC, Centre for Sustainable Communications, at KTH campus on the 26th of January 17-19. We will present the hackathon challenges and the format of the hackathon, and create match making-opportunities for those of you who not yet have a complete team. We strongly recommend all of you to hand in the application for the hackathon before the after work since this will simplify the match making. 

Welcome. Let´s collaborate for a green future!

17-19 on the 26th of January 

CESC, KTH, Lindstedstvägen 5, 4:th floor

For questions contact Tinni Ernsjöö Rappe, CESC: tinnir@kth.se

Välkommen på after work!


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