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The Centre for Sustainable Communications is an interdisciplinary research environment, situated at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It provides a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry, the public sector and research. Together with its partners, CESC conducts innovative research on ICT for sustainability aiming to contribute to a change of society in a sustainable direction.

New Strategic Innovation Program!

The Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Formas have decided to grant the application for setting up a Strategic Innovation Program for Smart Sustainable Cities with 40 MSEK/year the coming years. The program is a continuation of the Strategic Innovation Agenda for Smart Sustainable Cities that was initiated by CESC and the KTH Energy platform in 2013. Read more about it here.

Short podcast about future sustainable traffic solutions

Listen to Anders Gullberg in a five minute interview about future (climate) smart solutions for urban traffic. He presents his innovative research and ideas - based on digital transport systems and inspired by internet giants such as Spotify, Facebook and Google.

Click here to access the pod (In Swedish)

The Swedish EPA trained by KTH and CESC

On Nov 17:th, KTH / CESC and Open Lab arranged a full day of education for the department for research and analysis at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Read all about it here.

Digitalisation for a Sustainable Climate - new report

The Digitalisation Commission has released its third report “Digitalisation for a Sustainable Climate”. Two of the four authors behind it are connected to CESC; Matlida Gennvi Gustafsson at Ericsson and Anna Kramers at KTH. More information (in Swedish) here.

8 CESC researchers at Swedish Sustainability Conference

On November 10, CESC will participate with 8 researchers in one track at the Swedish 2-day Sustainability Conference,  Miljöstrategidagarna. The theme is how digitalization can support a sustainable development.  More info. (in Swedish).

CESC engaged in project taking guided tours to next level

The Swedish Tourist Industry's Research and Development Fund, BFUF, has awarded 1.7M Kr to a project that will lead towards ”Context-Aware Augmented Reality Experiences In and Beyond the Museum”. The project will be led by Mario Romero from Visualization Studio, VIC, at KTH.

The aim of the project is to enrich and augment experiences at museums and guided tours, through augmented reality solutions in users’ mobile phones. Other organizations involved - a part from Centre for Sustainable Communications, CESC, and Visualization Studio at KTH, are Spårvägsmuséet, Stockholm City Museum and Världskulturmuséerna.  Press release (in Swedish)

Podcast with CESC's Elina Eriksson - smart solutions in sharing economy

How can IT contribute to the shift towards sustainable development? Hear Elina Eriksson, researcher at CESC, talk (in Swedish) about smart solutions for sharing eceonomy in KTH's podcast-series ” Five minutes with…”.

Open Seminar on Sep 16:th: ICT use – assessing When & How it is Sustainable

CESC, invites you to a seminar looking into when and how Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) use is sustainable. Very welcome on Friday September 16:th between 9-11 a.m in beautiful Dome of Visions, KTH Campus. Full info here.

Dissertation on Environmental impacts of ICT

We are proud to announce a new PhD thesis. 

On Sep. 16, CESC researcher Yevgeniya Arushanyan will defend her dissertation, Environmental impacts of ICT: present and future.

More info here.

CESC's Director in governmental group on Smart Cities

The Swedish government is launching five strategic programs to deal with societal challenges and solutions, such as new ways of travelling, living, doing business, communicating and take care of natural resources and eco systems.

Mattias Höjer, Director at KTH's Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC), has been appointed member of the program dealing with "Smart Cities". More info. (in Swedish) in this link

Trend break: Increased data traffic, decreased energy use

In recent years, the use of Internet has increased rapidly and there has been a close connection between the increase and the associated consumption of energy and CO2-emissions. A new paper from Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC) at KTH now shows an important trend break. More info (in Swedish) here

Three CESC papers nominated as "best paper award" at ICT4S

This week a conference about how ICT can be used to support a sustainable development is being held in Amsterdam, ICT4S. Three CESC papers have been nominated to "Best paper award". One about smart sustainable cities, one questioning the sustainability  of a new screen technology called OLED and one about a revolutionary trend break regarding the energy and CO2-footprint of the IT-sector.

The articles can be found here: 

The energy and carbon footprint of the ICT and E&M sector in Sweden 1990-2015 and beyond

Smart City Planning and Environmental Aspects: Lessons from Seven Cities

Designing for sustainability: Breakthrough or suboptimisation?

New report ranks cities based on ICT maturity and performance in sustainable development

Ericsson, one of CESC's partners, has released a report that ranks cities based on ICT maturity and their performance in sustainable urban development. “I like that Ericsson has included the city boundaries concept in  'the 2016 edition of the Networked Society City Index', says Mattias Höjer, Director of CESC, who shares his thoughts about it in this interesting  article

CESC research leads to Mistra-programme on how digitalisation can support fossil-free mobility services

CESC has conducted research on sustainable mobility services and transports for several years. The former TRACS project about advanced integrated travel planners financed by Vinnova is one example. In a new MISTRA-financed programme on fossil-free mobility services, CESC's work will now be further developed together with several other groups at KTH (FMS, ITRL), VTI and other partners, see KTH's press release here (currently only in Swedish).


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