CESC - Centre for Sustainable Communications

The Centre for Sustainable Communications is an interdisciplinary research environment, situated at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It provides a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry, the public sector and research. Together with its partners, CESC conducts innovative research on ICT for sustainability aiming to contribute to a change of society in a sustainable direction.

Congratluations to the winners at Smart Retro Pitch Camp in Bagarmossen

Congratulations to the winners at Smart Retro Pitch Camp in Bagarmossen: Joakim and Victor from Kvalitid.com, one out of thirteen smartups who developed idéas for creating smarter and more sustainable cities. 

Experience living sustainable - like in 2053.

Try a sustainable lifestyle in the year 2053! 

If everyone lived as the Swedes do now, we would need three planets to support our lifestyle! To achieve a sustainable society we therefore must adjust our way of life. The project "Prototyping the future" has now launched an English website where you can experience living sustainable - like in 2053. 

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ICT for Sustainability Conference series

Green Leap

CESC hosts Green Leap, a network for design and sustainable development.

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