CESC - Centre for Sustainable Communications

The Centre for Sustainable Communications is an interdisciplinary research environment, situated at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It provides a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry, the public sector and research. Together with its partners, CESC conducts innovative research on ICT for sustainability aiming to contribute to a change of society in a sustainable direction.

Read, look and listen. Mattias Höjer and other leading researchers on agony and the climate.

This story in the Swedish periodical ” Re:public” is inspired by an Australian project called  Scared scientists

New unique master's specialisation at KTH

Students at KTH will from the autumn of 2016 have the opportunity to immerse themselves in information technology and sustainability as part of their two-year long masters program. The School of Computer Science and Communications is responsible for a new and probably unique specialisation which will be held in English to attract students also from other parts of the world. The specialisation is called "Sustainable Information Society” and students can choose to study course on ICT and sustainability for a whole year.


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Green Leap

CESC hosts Green Leap, a network for design and sustainable development.

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