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Three CESC papers nominated as "best paper award" vid ICT4S

Published Aug 29, 2016

This week a conference about how ICT can be used to support a sustainable development is being held in Amsterdam, ICT4S. Three CESC papers have been nominated to "Best paper award". One about smart sustainable cities, one questioning the sustainability  of a new screen technology called OLED and one about a revolutionary trend break regarding the energy and CO2-footprint of the IT-sector.

The articles can be found here:

The energy and carbon footprint of the ICT and E&M sector in Sweden 1990-2015 and beyond

Smart City Planning and Environmental Aspects: Lessons from Seven Cities

Designing for sustainability: Breakthrough or suboptimisation?

Summaries in Swedish can be found here

Den svenska IT-sektorns fotavtryck vad gäller energiförbrukning och koldioxid, 1990-2015 och framåt (pdf 296 kB)

Planering av den smarta staden - för mindre miljöpåverkan Lärdomar från sex städer.pdf (pdf 349 kB)

Design för hållbarhet: Genombrott eller suboptimering? (pdf 397 kB)

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Last changed: Aug 29, 2016