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CESC hosts first meeting of new Linked Data network

Published Apr 22, 2012

There is a growing interest for Linked Open Data. A new network gathers the Swedish scene and intends to raise awareness and understanding for Linked Data activities.

Linked Data is about using the web to connect related data that wasn’t previously linked. CESC has an explicit interest in Linked Open Data as it allows to develop innovative applications for sustainability purposes (see our project Data-driven Sustainability ).

On 17 April 2012, CESC hosted the first meeting  of a newly established national network for Linked Data enthusiasts. About 25 participants from private companies, public bodies and research institutions gathered for an all-day meeting in order to discuss ongoing activities and good examples.

Many participants expressed a feeling of being alone with their interest in Linked Data in Sweden, says Hannes Ebner from CESC, one of the organisers. Compared to other countries, the Swedish scene is still in its infancy.

The new network gathers Semantic Web pioneers and enthusiasts from all over Sweden who want to advance and promote research and development activities involving Linked Data.

Contact: Hannes Ebner,

Twitter hashtag: #ldsv

Video from the first network meeting 17 April 2012 at KTH (in Swedish):  (förmiddag)  (eftermiddag)

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