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Energy conservation workshop at Pervasive 2010

Published Jun 01, 2009

Marko Turpeinen, project leader for the Centre project Persuasive Services, is co-organising the workshop Energy Awareness and Conservation through Pervasive Applications at The Eighth International Conference on Pervasive Computing Pervasive 2010 in Helsinki to be held May 17-20, 2010.

The workshop will cover following topics:

  • Pervasive sensing of energy consumption. How to analyze detailed electrical devices data but also connecting it to people’s actions? How to model the domain to inform the design of software and analysis of data?
  • Energy efficient infrastructures for sensing energy and users. The energy efficient design of such application is key to ensure the feasibility of conservation projects. The problem is how to sense, communicate , and compute in this area in an energy efficient way?
  • Pervasive interfaces including natural/ambient and mobile applications. What interface technologies and platform best deliver energy awareness applications?
  • Informed design of applications. Understanding people awareness cognitive models and social practices. How to design engaging applications that do not disrupt but support everyday activities?