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Greening newspaper companies through ICT?

Published Sep 24, 2009

What environmental gains can be achieved through the introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) at a newspaper company? A current project at the Centre for Sustainable Communications seeks an answer to this question. Åsa Moberg and her colleagues investigate alternatives to business travel and commuting. The research team also takes a look at computer habits of employees. At a first workshop employees at the four participating companies discussed the possibilities for distance meetings. Another workshop will focus on alternative ways of meeting through ICT. The environmental potential will be estimated for different solutions at each company.

The project will be presented at a seminar at KTH on October 2. The seminar is part of the Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association industry days (TU:s branschdagar), which include a special session on environment and sustainability.

The Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association industry days take place 1-2 October 2009 . The seminar on environment and sustainability takes place on October 2, 9.00-12.00 at KTH Salongen (Osquars Backe 31).