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Integrating social aspects into life cycle assessment

Published Dec 11, 2009

Social LCA (life cycle assessment) is a rapidly expanding research field. A new report by the Centre of Sustainable Communications explores the usability of social LCA for the ICT sector. The research team performed a simplified screening test on the use of mobile news and videoconferencing. The aim was not to provide an accurate assessment of social impacts, but rather to gain a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the method. Another goal was to investigate the availability of information regarding social impacts of ICT services.

According to Åsa Moberg social LCA can potentially facilitate the inclusion of processes and stakeholders in the beginning of the life cycle where social impacts may be significant and negative. However, more case studies are necessary in order to further develop the method of social LCA.

The Centre of Sustainable Communications contributes to the development of guidelines for social LCA as part of the UNEP Life Cycle Initiative.

Read our report “Using a life cycle perspective to assess potential social impacts of ICT services – a pre-study“!

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Last changed: Dec 11, 2009