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New Assistant Professor in HCI - Sustainability

Published Oct 06, 2016

Three questions to Elina Eriksson who has a new position as Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction, with a specialization in Sustainability

Elina Eriksson, KTH

What role will you have?
- My role is divided between research and teaching. I will teach 30%, primarily in sustainability related courses, for example in our newly formulated specialization in sustainability within the master’s programme in Mediated technology. I will then do research 70% of my time.

What made you apply to this position?
- I really want to do research with a focus on sustainability, and right now, I would say that KTH and the group at CESC are one of the best places to be if you want to do research in sustainability and ICT. Being part of the KTH tenure track is also prestigious and a help if I want to continue doing research.

What do you hope to accomplish the next few years?
- I hope to do loads of interesting and impactful research in the intersection of HCI and sustainability. I also hope that I will be successful in getting research grants accepted so that I can hire post docs and phd-students, so that the critical mass of researchers working with ICT and sustainability can continue to grow.