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Mattias Höjer

Professor Mattias Höjer, Centre Director
Tel +46 8 790 6451

I have been Director of CESC, since March 2009. I have been employed at KTH since 1992, and have been working within the Environmental Strategies Research Group (fms) since 1995.

My PhD-thesis from 2000 was on long-time futures studies on sustainable development with a focus on environment, transport and information technology in the future city. After the dissertation my research has been mainly focused on futures studies of sustainable cities, especially on energy use in cities. I have also been doing some work on futures studies and the Swedish environmental quality objectives and  some on how to develop feminist futures. The possible role of information technology for changes of various kinds has been a part in many of those studies.

Responsible for PhD-education in Environmental Strategic Analysis. Responsible for the Master-level course Futures studies and forecasts, AG2171, the PhD course Futures studies for PhD-students, FAG3201, and for PhD course in Environmental Strategic Methods, F1N5008

I am currently main supervisor to Nils Brown, Anna Kramers and Åsa Nyblom.


Part of KTH-Sustainability, the advisory board for sustainability in research and education
Part of the program council for the doctorate program in Planning and decision analysis and director of doctorate studies for that program’s specialization in Environmental strategic analysis
Part of the ABE Appointments committee

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-I want to make technology a gift not a curse