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Design and data for Sustainable Lifestyles – opportunities for change

The project aims to explore and mediate the relationship between an organization (in this case a grocery chain), its customers (citizens) and the data that is collected as a by-product of that relationship. The aim is to work with the data in question in order to present it in a way that supports reflection, action and altered (individual) behaviors and (collective practices) through interaction and/or service design.

The overarching aim of this project is to analyse and redesign practices spanning from households’ food practices (purchases, cooking, waste) to the grocery store’s assortment, management (including energy use and logistics) and its suppliers.

By working together with a grocery chain (Coop) and the City of Stockholm, the goal is to collect data and design prototypes that can transform raw data to actionable data – data that through visualisation and design can encourage actions that will make the food system more sustainable in households as well as in the grocery chain and among its suppliers.

The context for the project is the Stockholm Royal Seaport where the project – and indeed that whole part of the city currently being developed – aims at exploring, developing and deploying better solutions for utilizing ICT in cities to further sustainability goals.

Project leaders

Cecilia Katzeff

Daniel Pargman

Participating partners 

Coop, City of Stockholm, Ericsson, TeliaSonera

Project duration

October 2015 to June 2017