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Scenarios and sustainability impacts in information societies

The Scenarios and Impacts project explores global sustainability implications of Swedish ICT-scenarios. Within the project, we develop five scenarios of different futures along general societal developments but specifically describing how ICT is used. The scenarios developed are:

  • Gated communities – trust has dissolved
  • End of economic growth – economic growth has ended
  • Life online – full life is led online
  • ICT in the physical world – everything is connected
  • Environmentally sustainable society – development in general, as well as in ICT-industry, is driven by attempts to solve environmental problems

A first short draft of the scenarios - “scenario skeletons” - was developed during spring/summer 2013.

Building blocks are currently being developed, covering a description of historic development, current situation, trends and potentials for activities and aspects related to work organisation; households; technological development of ICT; media production and consumption; and structural change in areas such as education, logistics and communication and health care. During 2014 scenario skeletons will be developed into full-fleshed scenarios using the building blocks.  Each of the scenarios will be evaluated according to environmental, social and spatial impacts.

Project leader

Mattias Höjer and Åsa Moberg

Participating partners

City of Stockholm, Ericsson, Interactive Institute, TeliaSonera, TMR - Stockholm County Council

Project start / end

January 2013 - June 2015